Sean Dent, MSN ACNP-BC CCRN graduated with his Master of Science in Nursing in 2013. He has worked in critical care his entire nursing career. With almost 15 years of critical care nursing experience he’s worked in every ICU specialty, small and large hospitals including academic and non-teaching facilities.

He has experience as a nurse preceptor, clinical instructor and nurse educator where he offers presentations and speaking engagements to nurses at all levels.

He received his Bachelor of Nursing from The Pennsylvania State University and his Masters of Nursing from The University of Pittsburgh.

Sean started his career as a diploma-trained RN and now practices as a Board Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP-BC) in a Shock Trauma teaching hospital.

A self-made mediapreneur and community connector, Sean has been blogging for over a decade and has written countless online articles. He recently celebrated successfully posting a vlog every day for a full calendar year. Sean has mastered the art of vlogging while working full-time as a Nurse Practitioner.

When he’s not at the bedside saving lives, you’ll usually find him sitting poolside enjoying his day off.

His favorite food is bacon and he believes coffee is a food group.

To learn more about Sean, visit his website:


Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010.  She has worked in cardiac med-surg and neurosciences critical care.  She obtained her critical care certification (CCRN) from the AACN in 2015, and has experience as a certified preceptor and charge nurse, with policy/procedure/peer review, and was the facility Shared Governance Chair at a major hospital in Charlotte, NC.

She was named Nurse of the Year by the Charlotte Business Journal and was a Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina Recipient, both in 2015.

Kati is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing Education.

Kati is the owner and operator of the popular nursing website,, and she is also the host of the FreshRN Podcast.

She is a published author with the American Nurses Association.  Kati is also a national speaker on nursing topics, and trusted source for various media outlets like US News and World Report, Dr. Oz, CNN, the TODAY show, and more.  

She is also a course instructor for one of the most popular online resources for nursing students,  Kati and fellow nurse blogger, Brittney Wilson, BSN RN ( are co-owners of Health Media Academy.

Kati is currently located in Champaign-Urbana, IL with her husband, daughter, and two adorable rescue dogs, Mac and Tosh.  She loves TV (30 Rock, the Office, the Crown, Fraiser are her current faves), cooking, and blogging.

To learn more about Kati, please visit 

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