This is a list of compiled valuable resources for new nurse practitioner from around the internet. If you would like your website or product to be featured or utilize something that you find particularly valuable, please fill out this page for consideration. The resource will be thoroughly reviewed over time, and if it is noted to be particularly useful, it will be added. In an effort to keep this list as concise, powerful and valuable as possible, not all requests will be honored simply because they are made. They must demonstrate to be a continually useful and reliable resource.

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  • The FreshNP Podcast – Sean and Kati talk all things related to the newbie NP!
  • The FreshRN Podcast – my podcast where myself (Kati) and two other experienced critical care nurses chat about the things a new nurse needs to know
  • Sawbones – a husband (comedian) and wife (physician) talk about history behind medicine and it’s pretty fun and informative
  • NRSNG Podcast – Real life nurse stories, nurse-hacks
  • NRSNG MedMaster Podcast – each 5-10 minute episode is a different medication and it’s nursing considerations
  • NRSNG Lab Values Podcast – each 2-5 minute episode goes over the top things a nurse needs to know about each lab value
  • NRSNG Nursing Mnemonics Podcast – each episode is one nursing mnemonic and it is hosted by yours truly!
  • NRSNG Nursing School Struggles Podcast – a podcast devoted to the common concerns and struggles of nursing students
  • Straight A Nursing – a podcast by Nurse Mo who is an experienced ICU nurse with a passion for teaching nursing students. She’s got great episodes about some important nursing concepts.


  • The Nurse Practitioner: The American Journal of Primary Healthcare -peer-reviewed articles that range from clinical topics and research to political and practice issues.
  • Critical Care Nurse – peer-reviewed journal to provide critical care and acute care nurses with accurate, relevant, and useful information concerning the bedside care of critically and acutely ill patients
  • The Journal for Nurse Practitioners -peer-reviewed clinical articles, original research, continuing education, and departments that help practitioners excel as providers of primary and acute care across the lifespan.
  • American Journal of Critical Care -peer-reviewed journal as the premier source for evidence-based critical care practice.
  • Critical Care Medicine -peer-reviewed, scientific publication in critical care medicine. Directed to those specialists who treat patients in the ICU and CCU, including chest physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, pharmacists/pharmacologists, anesthesiologists, critical care nurses, and other healthcare professionals.



Nurse gear recommendations

(Kati’s recommendations!)

A lot of people ask me what kind of scrubs, stethoscope, badge reels, etc. I use. Here is a master list!

For specific educational needs

If you’re going through NP school or a brand new NP and having trouble remembering or getting certain concepts down – you really want to invest the time to ensure you’ve got it.

YouTube has tons of great free videos (Khan Academy, for one), or check out your speciality nursing organization (the American Association of Critical Care Nurses has tons of great resources for critical care), or you can check out the NRSNG Academy.

NRSNG Academy is primarily an NCLEX resource, but there is a ton of information applicable for the new nurse practitioner. The EKG, Lab Course and MedMaster Courses are specifically what I’m thinking will be particularly helpful for the new graduate NP.

They go in depth on mechanism of action, nursing considerations, contraindications, and more within MedMaster. The EKG Course dives deep into each rhythm, nursing considerations, pathophysiologically and electrically what’s occurring, and more. The Lab Course does a deep dive into specifically what each lab is measuring, why it’s important, and more.


You can buy each course individually, or you can try them all with a trial NRSNG Academy membership for $1 and cancel any time.

NRSNG Academy works like a monthly fee, so once you feel like you’ve extracted the value and knowledge you need to be more successful at the bedside, you simply cancel. There is a ton of information in the entire academy that would be applicable to the newbie nurse and it would take a few months of membership to equal the cost of purchasing each individually.

Click here to try the NRSNG Academy for $1


These are pooled suggestions from Twitter users. Please touch base with a clinical instructor before pulling out your phone and using it during clinical time. When asked online if clinical instructors were okay with using phones as a resource, there were different responses. They ranged from “absolutely not” to “yes” to “only if we were looking at apps for clinical and patients/family could see” (so in a break room, bathroom, med room, etc.). The take home message: don’t use your phone in clinicals unless told that it’s okay.

Here is a list! They are free unless otherwise noted.

  • ScrubCheats App – a free app by the NRSNG team designed specifically to be used at nursing school clinicals containing relevant quick reference material
  • Medscape – a free medical app with tons of information about varying disease processes, drugs, etc.
  • Figure 1 – a free app of medical cases for health care professionals. This one is fun to flip through randomly to see interesting cases and read physicians, nurses, and students chatting about what they think is going on and potential treatment courses.
  • Micromedex – there is a free version and a $2.99 version. I love this one. My hospital actually has it within our electronic medical record so I can access it within their med list, so I rarely use the app. The information is awesome though. I use this most frequently to quickly look up indications or IV compatibility.
  • Nursing Central – a free app with drugs, definitions, diagnoses, and test info.
  • Nurse Grid – a free calendar app that helps you schedule your shifts. (You’ll quickly learn that regular calendars aren’t ideal for shift work.. especially night shift)
  • RN Crush – a free NCLEX® review app from the NRSNG team
  • David Drug Guide – multiple options from free – $39.99 of a comprehensive drug guid
  • Epocrates Medical References – Epocrates – a free medical app that has a ton of great information
  • Fast Facts for Critical Care – a $30 app that’s the phone version of the widely used hardcover version (Fast Facts for Critical Care by Kathy White)
  • LabGear – a $2.99 app that describes various labs in depth (OMG YESSSSS)
  • MedPulse – a free app that is the news portion of Medscape
  • SmartFOAM – a free app that is Free Open Access to Medical Education – and is amazing
  • iStethoscope Expert – a free app that allows you to hear heart, bowel, and lung sounds
  • Drug Identifier – a $0.99 app that helps you identify drugs by appearance (so if you dropped one, or opened multiple ones and put them in a cup and they ask what the small white one is.. haha, happens more than you’d think!)
  • Up To Date – can be expensive, but if you are employed by a teaching institution it is free with your employee email. An evidence-based, physician-authored clinical decision support resource that is a must-have for all NPs.
  • MDCalc – a free app created exclusively by board-certified physicians for use by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical students. It provides access to more than 270 easy-to-use clinical decision tools including risk scores, algorithms, equations, formulas, classifications, dosing calculators, and more.

Other awesome resources

  • Knight Cite – a free resources for APA citations, Knight Cite and I were BFF’s in college
  • Purdue Owl – another awesome free resource for APA citations
  • An Anatomy Master Post on Tumblr – tons of A&P resources/links
  • PERRLA – software that you use with Microsoft Word and helps with your APA citations
    • Use code FRESHRN2 for $2 off!
    • I’m using it for my MSN in Nursing right now and it. is. amazing. and worth every single cent.

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